You might now be thinking that this article is about impossible teenagers or talentless stand-up comics. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. The heading refers to something as ‘boring’ as user manuals (which are everywhere you look, because everyone uses appliances and devices). But are user manuals really all that boring?

At World Translation, we think user manuals and other kinds of product information are extremely interesting and very important documentation. Let’s be clear about this – without user manuals to help your customers, how else would they use and understand your products? What could be more important than that?

– Do you need to write a product manual but do not know how to tackle the project properly?
– Does your company have user instructions that need upgrading and polishing?
– Do you want to know what format is best for your Quick Guide or whether your manual complies with the Machinery Directive?
– Do you know what you need to keep in mind when your production documentation is to be translated, so your product can be exported?

We answer all of these questions and more in our “9 Good Habits” articles here on the website.

Habit 1:

Use communication to create
an excellent image!

Read about why good documentation is so important
and how you can avoid poor experiences.

Vane 1

Habit 2:

Know your DTP program

Read about which DTP program is
the best for your document tasks.

Vane 2

Habit 3:

80/20 Rule

Read about what the 80/20 rule stands for
and why it is important to plan a project.

Vane 3

Habit 4:

Use of standards when
preparing documentation

Read about what the Machinery Directive is
about and why it is important to use standards.

Vane 4

Habit 5:

When the product is supplied

Read about what you have to remember
when your product is ready to be delivered
and the documentation has to keep up.

Vane 5

Habit 6:

Outsourcing – the way forward

Read about the advantages of outsourcing
your technical documentation tasks.

Vane 6

Habit 7:

Entering the global market

Read about how to avoid possbile pitfalls in your technical documentation, when you want to export your produtcs.

Vane 7

Habit 8:

The world is your customer

Read about the quality criteria which ensure
a good translation of your documentation.

Vane 8

Habit 9:

Be ready for 2016

Read and follow this checklist to
develop your own good habits.

Vane 9